Leaving the Kids Behind

 Over the years, I’ve heard many people say "Disney is for kids".  

However, last year, my husband and I spent 3 days in the most magical place on earth celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary...

Alone.  (gasp!)  Without our 3 kiddos. (double gasp!)

No double stroller.

No huge diaper bag. 

Alone. No kids. Headed to Disney World?!??!!

Alone. No kids. Headed to Disney World?!??!!

Did we feel out of place?   Absolutely not!

Were we bored?  No way!

We rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with our arms straight in the air.   We hugged the necks of some of our favorite characters.   We explored World Showcase in Epcot for hours.  We walked hand in hand through the parks, had long, uninterrupted conversations as we waited in line, and strolled leisurely around the grounds of our resort.  We ate ice cream for dinner! (Don't judge.)

At the beginning of our getaway, we were given Happy Anniversary pins to wear and heard well-wishes from cast members and guests alike throughout our stay.

Celebration buttons are a must!

Celebration buttons are a must!

At one point, we even stopped to talk to some friendly Disney cast members who noticed our anniversary pins.  In a magical Disney moment, they escorted us to the secret entrance of a ride and took us straight to the front of the line.  We felt so special!

This trip left us refreshed and ready to come home to the three sweet faces of our kiddos who helped fill the last ten years of our lives with so much fun and love.

We learned something, though . . . 

The same place that holds such wonderful memories for our whole family was able to create magical memories for just the two of us, as well.

My name is Leah Bowman, and I am a wife and mother to 3 precious kiddos. We started traveling to Disney World as a family when my oldest son was only 1, and I was immediately taken by the joy I felt and saw in the eyes of my husband and son as we spent time together as a family in the most magical place on earth. We’ve since traveled many more times, first with our second son, and then with our daughter. We’ve made many priceless, precious memories together on our Disney vacations!

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