Once upon a time, there lived a little girl...

Once upon a time, there lived a little 7-year-old-girl who had  NEVER  BEEN  TO  DISNEY WORLD.

To her, it was the  saddest  story  ever.   (And to be honest, also to me, her mommy.)

I have three kids, but only one daughter. ..so that makes her a little special.   This special daughter, at age 7, was obsessed with Disney and Disney Princesses and Disney Channel and Disney Radio and anything and everything Disney. 

As I saw my sweet 7-year-old start to grow, I started to notice the things she left behind.  Her greatest love was once Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but one day it occurred to me that we hadn’t watched the “Hot Dog” dance in a while.

Favorite toys were changing.  Clothes were changing.  Appetites were changing.

My 7-year-old would soon be an 8-year-old.  Then a 9-year-old. 

And soon I’d be staring at an 18-year-old young lady.

This glimpse into the rapidly approaching future tugged at my heart.

I decided to MAKE Disney World HAPPEN. 

I wanted to someday look at that 18-year-old and think of the open-mouth stare she gave Cinderella’s castle as a starry eyed child the  first time she walked in Magic Kingdom’s entrance.  I wanted to remember her thinking Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was the most intense ride ever.  I wanted to have pictures of her missing teeth chomping down on a Mickey Bar.

I wanted that magic for her....   but also for me.  


Since that first trip, we’ve been back to Disney World multiple times.  Now my 11-year-old girl has years of magic and memories stored up.

And I  have years of magic and memories stored up.

And while a Disney vacation won’t always make the most sense... it will always be a priority for our family.

I can’t make time stand still, and I can’t keep my kids little...

But I CAN make the time I have with them magical. 

I am Amber Bruggman, and I am awesome. (76% of the time.) I have a husband and three kids who help make that 76% happen. I’ve lived all over the midwest, and I desperately try to get to Orlando as much as possible. I fell in love with Disney while planning my very first trip, and if I can’t be plunking down a deposit for myself, I want to be doing it for someone else.

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