You Probably Didn't Know a Concierge Did THIS...

You’ve heard your friends talk endlessly about their “magical experience”, you’ve thumbed through brochures until the pages are bent, and you’ve spent way more time on the websites than you can reasonably explain. So now you definitely want to book your trip…BUT, there are some special needs that cannot be ignored.  

Enter: Kingdom Concierge

A concierge is much more than a planner or a booking agent--we are trained to provide tools so that you can travel with confidence. With our knowledge, we can give a boost around those daily life challenges that just seem to become mountains during vacations.  We have experienced more than a few challenges during our own excursions (remember that tropical storm, ladies?), so when one of our professionals begins a sentence with, “if I were you” or “you need to”, then take heed. Believe me, we know the value of a properly packed carry on bag!


We are able to coordinate with companies which can assist with mobility needs? That’s right! Whether you need a stroller, a power scooter, or just need to know about transportation options around the parks, we’ve got you covered.  The kingdom covers a lot of territory, but careful planning helps you to expend your energy wisely. There’s no need to throw your hands up in despair. Do not allow a lack of information to prevent you from creating great memories with your family.  Want to know more? Just ask, we love to help.


That unexpected minor illness that strikes just when you get to your destination?  We also know from first-hand experience that a minor illness can leave one or two stuck in the resort room while everyone else is in the park.  Whether it’s finding a walk-in clinic or a pharmacy, we know just who you need to contact around Disney who can help you get back on your feet and back in the fun.  Oh, and that prescription that somehow jumped out of your suitcase and is sitting back at home; yes, one of our agents has been known to facilitate contact with a local pharmacy to address a need.  Don’t be afraid to ask!


We know for a fact that Disney takes nutritional and dietary needs SERIOUSLY. I know this first hand! What may simply seem to be a preference to some is a very real necessity for me.  When I am asked if anyone in our party has special dietary needs, and once I affirm that there are, a chef comes to our table and provides assistance and direction. Even after 12 years and multiple trips with children and without children, there have been no eye rolls, no huffs, no tones of discontent, and no hint of inconvenience from Disney professionals who prepare and serve our food. We simply receive professional attitude, professional service, and the absolute best food that is better than anything we can get at home…no kidding!  (Ragland Road has gluten free fish and chips that simply cannot be beat. Healthy actually tastes good at Disney--great flavor with no weird textures) So, whether there’s a food allergy or a three year old who has a tendency to melt down over chicken nuggets, help is only a question away.

Chances are, you feel a bit overwhelmed with the vast amount of information, options, and sheer number of Disney cast members creating magic, and you are not quite certain who, what, and how to ask…

That is why we are here

We are trained to navigate Kingdoms

Happy Travels!


My name is Paige Pique' and I am a Disney-loving wife and mother of two adult sons. My passion and skills are planning "Fantasmic" and affordable travel specifically tailored for your family. I love helping create Magical memories that your family with cherish for a lifetime.

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