A Day on a Disney Adventure

Day 2 on the England & France Adventure

Breakfast at tHe Hotel

You will enjoy a 3 night stay at The Landmark London. This luxurious 5 star hotel is ranked among the finest in London.

Tour London on a Red Double-Decker Bus

Climb aboard an iconic London bus and see the city from a rooftop view on this privately guided tour.


Privately Guided Tour of Westminster Abbey

Discover the beautiful cathedral that has been the site of coronations, royal weddings and countless historical events, with commentary by a blue badge guide.

Lunch aT PErkin RevelleR

Enjoy authentic English fare at this fantastic restaurant on the Wharf at the Tower of London, overlooking the Thames.

Buckingham Palace – THe changing of tHe Guard*

Walk a mile along St. James Park to witness the splendid tradition of the changing of the guards, whose stoic demeanor, crisp red coats and towering fur hats are a hallmark of this historic residence of England's royal family.

Private Beefeater Meet & Greet

Take this opportunity to meet the famous Beefeater guards at the Tower of London. Also referred to as "Yeomen Warders," they were originally formed in 1485 by Henry VII.

Tour tHe Tower of London

Explore this foreboding fortress on a privately guided tour and learn details about its checkered past! Over the ages, the Tower of London has been guardian of the Crown Jewels, home to all manner of beasts—including lions, bears and other predators—as well as prison to the famous and infamous.


High-Speed Private Boat Ride on tHe River Thames

Feel like a super spy as you jet along the River Thames on a speedboat that Britain's most famous secret agent would feel at home in. All the while, you'll be seeing historical sites and iconic scenery on this special tour of Central London.


Adults-Only Dinner

Adults enjoy dinner at their leisure at The Landmark London's restaurant and lounge.

Junior Adventurers Dinner and Disney Movie Night

Junior Adventurers enjoy their own dinner party and take in a classic Disney movie.

*This activity is subject to change without notice.